Archer War: Merge

Archer War: Merge

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Step into the world of Archer War a turn-based 3D archery game where your on a mission to defeat the enemy army of archers, ultimately capturing their castle!

Get ready to draw your bowstring, release the arrows, and defend your homeland.

Engage in one of the most thrilling archery games, where survival in castle battles becomes the key to winning the war for the kingdom. Tap on the screen to aim, adjusting the angle and strength of your attack. Release your finger to unleash a cloud of arrows upon your adversaries. Each move is crucial, so strategize wisely and aim for precision.

To enhance your army, strategically connect archers and invest in new ones. Make thoughtful decisions to develop a formidable force that can overcome the challenges and lead you to victory in the war-torn kingdom. Are you ready to take on the role of the archer commander and secure your dominance?

Just Have Fun!

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