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Get ready for some super exciting action in Arsenal Online – it’s a super cool 2D shooter that’s full of explosive fun!

You can play all sorts of awesome game modes, either by yourself or with a friend online. Each mode has a different goal, like Sniper where you get rewarded for being super accurate, or Time Attack where you aim for the most kills.

Unlock tons of weapons and cool attachments – you’ve got pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, LMGs, sniper rifles, and more! And if you just wanna grab a weapon and start shooting targets, head to the firing range where everything is ready to go.

Arsenal Online has nine different modes, and each one can be a challenge. But don’t worry, you can beat them all with different weapons!

Game Modes:

  • Time Attack
    • Players are given 30 seconds to destroy as many targets as possible. Once the game has started, targets will begin to quickly spawn, and will disappear after about 5 seconds. Points are scored based on kills, headshots, and accuracy. This is a good game mode for grinding XP.
  • Hardened
    • The player is given one minute to kill as many metal targets as possible. Over time, the damage resistance of the metal targets increases.
  • Defender
    • In Defender, the player has to kill enemy targets that move towards the player. Targets in this mode have only heads, and speed up over time.
  • War
    • War is a survival-type mode. Once the game starts, waves of robotic enemies armed with weapons will start appearing from the right. Enemies are relatively weak at first, but get stronger as the player(s) get more kills. Once the enemies get in range of the player(s)’ weapons, they will start firing and reducing the friendly health bar. When this bar reaches zero, the game is over. Aerial targets will always back up if they get too close to the player.
  • Shooter
    • In Shooter, the player has one minute to kill as many targets as possible.
  • Sniper
    • In Sniper, the player has to kill 30 targets.
  • Reflex
    • In Reflex, the player has one minute to kill as many targets as possible. Targets spawn every half second, and disappear after one second.
  • Lava
    • In Lava, the player has to kill enemy targets before they fall down into lava.
  • Breach


Made by Wilkin Games:

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